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Choosing the right location for your growing business is a big decision. We’ve put together this document to assist you to decide if Riversands Incubation Hub is a good match for you. We want to be upfront with you on the types of businesses we’re looking for and what you can expect if you are selected.

We are looking for high-potential, young businesses that want to accelerate their business journey in an entrepreneurial ecosystem with access to support services and learning experiences.

You should come to Riversands if you:
• Can’t interact with clients from your home anymore
• Need a professional business address in order to apply for contracts
• Want to grow your business and employ team members
• Need premises for certification, accreditation or compliance specific concerns
• Need working space for manufacturing or production activities
• Would like to request additional advice, training or coaching
• Want to be with like-minded entrepreneurs

To start with, please read our FAQs here.
For unit sizes and rates, please see

Having read the above, if you're interested in joining our program, watch a 10min video below:

If you would like to apply please complete the checklist below and click submit. Please note that we require an owner to complete the checklist and will not accept submissions by employees of the business.
1. Premises will help my business grow
I do need premises for the next stage of my growth.
2. Utilisation of unit
I need the unit and will use it frequently. My unit will be used for business purposes and not simply for storage. I understand that I will receive a warning if I only use the unit for storing my goods. If this situation does not improve for three months this will be grounds for eviction.
3. Foot traffic
I understand that Riversands is a light industrial and commercial business park and not a retail destination. While I may retail from my unit, I am not reliant on a steady stream of foot traffic to survive.
4. The Riversands Philosophy
I have read, understood and am comfortable with the eight operating principles contained in the Riversands Philosophy.
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the Riversands Philosophy. 
5. Funding
I understand that Riversands does not offer any funding whatsoever. We are not able to help you apply for funding from The Jobs Fund or any other government department. Our focus is to assist in preparing your business to be more funding ready.
6. Business development
I understand that finding new leads and customers is my responsibility. While Riversands may provide support and training on my sales and marketing, I am not expecting the organization to fill my customer pipeline.
7. Introductions into the Century Property Development supply chain and other corporate partners
I understand that being based at Riversands does not automatically qualify me for inclusion into the Century Property Developments supply chain. Century Property Developments, like all other large companies, make decisions on potential suppliers based on commercial fundamentals. This inline with Principle 8: Real-World Readiness.
8. Business stats submission
I am comfortable with submitting information about my turnover, salaries, and the number of employees each month. These stats are part of the lease conditions and are required in order for Riversands to measure the impact of its support on my business. I understand that if I do not submit stats that I am in breach of a material condition of my lease and may be evicted.
9. The lease term is one year
I understand that the initial lease term is for one year. Renewal of my lease terms is dependent on me still meeting the published selection criteria and the performance of my business in comparison to other deserving businesses that are seeking an opportunity to access premises. The lease can only be renewed for a maximum of three years at low-cost.
10. How to qualify for renewal
I understand that having premises at Riversands should be a real unlocker for my business. My eligibility for renewal will depend on how my business has performed, how I have met my monthly lease obligations as well as the potential of the business. I understand that renewal is not guaranteed and being up to date on rental does not mean that I will automatically be renewed.
11. Accessing support
I understand that Riversands does not run a structured incubation program in which businesses are required to complete a set training curriculum. Accessing support will depend on the Support Requests I submit for my specific business needs, as well as signing up for workshops and clinics held at Riversands. I can submit Support Requests at any time using the online support portal. If I don’t submit Support Requests then this means I am happy with low-cost premises alone and do not require any other support. My support requests will be evaluated by the Riversands Investment Committee according to how this support will unlock growth in my business. This is in line with Principle 5: You Create your Basket of Services.
12. Approval of support requests
I may request any kind of support I’d like to receive. All requests will be assessed by the Investment Committee and approved based on a number of considerations, including past behavior as well as how relevant this support is to my current business situation and how it could unlock business growth. I understand that a support request could be declined on this basis. This is in line with Principle 2: Selection is Ongoing.
13. Service co-ordinators
I understand that I will be dealing with a Service Co-ordinator assigned to my business. This person will be my key contact point and my representative at the weekly investment committee. I understand that it is absolutely critical for me to establish a strong professional relationship with my Service Co-ordinator in order to make the most of my time at Riversands.
14. Lynx online SME portal
I understand that I must use the Lynx system to request support, submit stats, request meeting rooms and access information. This is the central system that records my journey at Riversands.
Click on the Lynx icon to find out more about Lynx.
15. Being respectful of support team time
I understand that I need to communicate ahead of time when I am no longer able to attend a meeting or workshop. Should I not attend a scheduled meeting or workshop without canceling within 30 mins of the scheduled time, this will be noted and affect how my support requests are treated in the future.
16. Co-payments
I understand that I may have to pay a co-payment for some of the support services I receive. This will be discussed upfront before the payment (no unexpected bills) and will be less than the cost of this service on the open market.
That is the end of this checklist. Are there any additional comments you would like to add?
I acknowledge that I have read and understood this checklist.

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